Small Business Video Marketing

Videos promote your business awareness, improve online presence, boost engagement and build trust, but the ultimate benefit of video production for small businesses is creating sales.




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Small business video production. 

Videos for your Website.

Promotional Videos For Small Business

Business video content creation. 

Educational videos, Testimonial videos

Product and service  explainer videos, Social Media Video Production.

Company story videos. 

Videos for all your marketing needs 

We’ll help you create video content that builds trust, engages prospects, and drives new leads to your business. Not sure where to start? Need a script created?  Voiceover? We can help with all that.



We are a Video Producton business based here on the Central Coast NSW.


Marketing your business doesn't have to be hard or unnecessarily complicated. Nobody doubts the amazing potential of small business video marketing, and how it can increase your customer base with an easy to implement small business video marketing plan. That's where we are here to help and drive more business and engagement. 

Specialising in the creation of small business video production here on the Central Coast of NSW. Our videos are all Fixed Price. We provide one-stop shopping for all of your Central Coast video production needs.

Why does your small business need to invest in video content creation?


In 2020  video drove a 157% increase in organic search engine results when embedded in your website, and 64% of consumers have said that video directly influenced their decision to purchase a product or service.

Think it's too expensive? Not sure where to start? Reach out for a chat today and we can talk about what's right for your business and brand.

The benefits small businesses can enjoy by using video marketing include

  • Improved brand awareness. Video marketing builds brand awareness by introducing your business to a wider audience. ...

  • Boosting sales and conversions. Video marketing can directly increase sales of a business. ...

  • Improve social engagement. ...

  • Building trust and connections.




Some of the amazing businesses we enjoy working with on the Central Coast of NSW


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Our most popular video plans

Our fixed price, but adaptable, creative plans help small business budgets. All jobs get a pre-agreed fixed price proposal.


  • The Social Video

    30 seconds to 1 minute Video
    • Script provided by client. Or an optional extra from $40
    • Includes phonecall consultation process
    • 1 Visit (1 hour onsite to capture and record
    • Basic Editing
    • 2 Revisions allowed
  • Promotional Videos

    Corporate promotional videos are essential for any company.
    • Business promotional videos
    • Includes phonecall consultation process
    • 3 hours on site recording inducing drone if required.
    • Indepth editing and colour grading, multiple angles.
    • Audio Interview Recording
  • Best Value

    Business Story Video

    x2 Promotional videos for any company planning to grow.
    • x 2 videos 3 Minutes telling Story plus 60 Second for Social
    • Includes phone call consultation process
    • Indepth editing and colour grading, multiple angles.
    • 2 Revisions allowed
    • With Script writing in consultation with client.
    • 3 hours on site including drone if required.
  • Testimonial Video

    Celebrating positive small business reviews with video
    • up to 3 minute Testimonial success video
    • Interview approved clients
    • 5 visits up to 5 hours varies locations allowed
    • With Script writing in consultation with client.
    • 2 Revisions allowed

Why use Video Marketing for Small & Local Businesses 


72% of customers 

prefer to learn about a product or service by video instead of text.

64 %

64% of consumers have said that video directly influenced their decision to purchase a product or service.


80% of consumers 

will watch a video. While only 20% of viewers will read the text on a page.  


YouTube is the second most popular website in the world?  This means that if your small business isn't there, you are literally missing out.

The stats above show why small businesses need video marketing, video catches the buyer's attention, that audience is significantly more likely to buy products from you, if you provide them with videos about your product or service.  




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